Friday, 22 August 2014


First off I want to apologize for always posting late even when I promised to do better. I am so sorry you guys deserve better. I beg you guys to forgive me. So moving on, I am in a rush so I am using my post from the explorer lodge. the new item is Cosmo portrait! I am going to collect the alpha portraits, what about you?
While out shopping be sure to stop in at Bahari Bargains so you can pick up a Trident because today is the last day!
There is a new video in Tierney's Theater called Swimming with Dolphins, a week or two ago this was posted on the daily explorer.
Now I forgot to post the Daily Explorer posts over the past few days so I am going to go over them now.

Oh and on a totally unrelated note I don't know if you heard of the ice bucket challenge, well I started an animal jam version! For information watch this video!
Thanks for reading!

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