Thursday, 21 August 2014


*I made a video on today's updates feel free to watch it or read below*

Please welcome the newest animal to Jamaa, the adorable otters! Sadly they do cost 10 diamonds. It's too bad I really wanted one but I am saving up for an eagle, awhile ago I had finally saved up enough and I was going to buy it the next day but when I logged on it said I had zero diamonds an that I had bought a kangaroo, so someone must have hacked me. But as I was saying earlier, please welcome these cute cuddly creatures into the amazing world of Jamaa!
 Anyways there is an otter mini book in the chamber of knowledge, the best part about it is if you click on the badges you get 100 gems!
 It's also really cool that the conversation museum is totally otter themed!
  In other news all arcade games are 50% off even swoopy eagle!

Guess what, Turning the Tide can now be played in hard mode! You could win a rare set of lionfish armor!
Speaking of Turning the Tide, AJHQ did an alpha spotlight on Tavie!
Also AJHQ has been advertising AJ outfitters, speaking of which I am going to ask my parents for a diamond gift certificate but chances are the will make me fork over the money.
 A new cool feature of the update is the trading system, it's a cool new layout! But there is a total glitch there is a bunny behind that arctic wolf, and that same bunny sent me a trade request about teen minutes before.
Now moving on from the update today's new item is a Liza portrait! So cool!
Be sure to pick up a set of Lionfish Armor because today is the last day!
There is a new video Sarepia Theater called Volcanoes 101!

So thanks for reading this very LONG post (sorry it's late by the way) I will be making a video on the updates in Jamaa later today!

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