Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hey Jammers, sorry about the late post, I first had to post for the animal jam GIN and then I had to post for Animal Jam Explorer Lodge plus I slept in, and on top of that I feel pretty sick! So I hope you guys forgive me! Oh and since I feel pretty sick I am going to make this post short and simple. Anyways the new item is the Branch Antlers! They can be found at epic wonders!
I even dressed my deer up!
Be sure to pick up a Silver Chain Necklace because today is the last day!
The new video is about otters! It can be found at Tierney's Theater!
Lastly I am working on a music video! It should be done soon!
Oh P.S I am thinking of hiring a secretary! Basically someone who can help me sort through some emails for the blog! It involves no time restrictions just simply answering question, sorting through emails, and picking entries from contests and stuff like that! If you are interested email me at miss.zanyfoot@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!

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